Locals and regular users of the floating bridge can save money and time by purchasing one of our ‘Saver Cards’.

The cards operate in a similar way to the London transport ‘Oyster Cards’. Cash credit is stored in your central ‘online account’ and this credit is then deducted from the cards registered to your account at a discounted rate each time they travel.

How can I get a card?

  • 1: Get a card

    Saver Cards are free to obtain at present and are available from Cowes Post Office (Central Stores,) Rashley’s Convenience Store, Cowes and Hall’s Convenience Store, East Cowes.

  • 2: Go online

    Next you need to create an ‘online account’. Create your online account here.

  • 3: Register your card/s

    Now you have your online account set up you need to ‘register’ your Saver Card or cards to that account. You can register as many cards to your account as you want. The card/s registered to your account will then deduct credit at the discounted rate from your ‘central online account’ each time it or they are used to travel.

  • 4: 'Top Up' with credit

    You need at least one card registered to your online account before you can buy or ‘top up’ with credit. You can do this online with a credit or debit card.

  • 5: Save

    Now you can use the card/s registered to your account to travel on the floating bridge. Because you have registered your card/s to an online account the credit deducted from the card will be taken at the discounted rate.

Note: You can now also buy credit from the fixed ticket machines at the top of both slipways. The machines will issue a voucher, take this on the ferry and the crew will scan it and then add the credit to your card. This credit will sit on the card you add it to, and NOT be added to your central online account.

Have a question about the new Saver Card?

Check out our FAQs page.

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Three advantages of the new Saver Cards:

Credit can be held in your central online account.

It doesn’t matter if your card is lost or stolen as you can choose not to have credit stored on your account.

Shortened crossing times.