Floating Bridge Crew Highly Commended at Awards Ceremony

The Floating Bridge crew have encountered an extremely challenging year. From the excitement of operating a brand new vessel to the frustration of her suspension from service.

Owing to events beyond their control, the front-line staff have felt themselves to be in the spotlight as the introduction of Floating Bridge No 6 has made local media headlines. Yes, whilst staff morale did take a temporary dip, crew members have continuously made themselves available for additional shifts with little or notice in order to maintain a continuity of service.

Furthermore, the crew has had to undergo extensive training to prepare them for working on Floating Bridge No6.  This included rescuing each other from the inhospitable River Medina and fire-fighting, before getting to grips with a Floating Bridge far removed from her predecessor.

Nevertheless, in spite of the setbacks encountered during the year, the staff remain dedicated to providing an excellent service to the community as evidenced by the thousands of passengers and vehicles transported across the river during Cowes Week alone.

At the Council Staff Appreciation Awards Ceremony last week, the Floating Bridge Crew finished runners-up and were ‘highly commended’ in the Team of the Year category. In total, there were 25 nominations.