Saver Card FAQs

Once registered the card will give users a considerable saving against the casual ‘pay as you go’ rate. The card is for foot passenger and cyclists and all categories of vehicles.

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If you try and register your card and get the message: “card is already registered or not valid” then please:

1) Check the serial number on the card vs the one entered and make sure all of the leading zeros are also included.

2) If it still fails, please take the card to the ticket office to check that it has been activated.

There are two ways you can buy credit for your Saver Card:

1) Online (recommended):

We strongly recommend that you create an online account to which you register your Saver Card or cards.

Only once Saver Cards are registered online will the credit be taken at the discounted rate.

  • First: Create an ‘online account’, you can do this here.
  • Second: Register your Saver Card or cards to that account. You can register as many cards to your account as you want. All the cards registered to your account will then deduct credit from your ‘central online account’ each time they are used to travel.
  • Third: Purchase or ‘top up’ your central online account with credit using a credit or debit card. This credit will sit online, and not on the cards.

2) On the slipways:

Go to the fixed ticket machines at the top of the slipways. Simply select the amount of credit you wish to purchase and the ticket machine will print a voucher, take this on board the floating bridge and one of the operators will scan your voucher and then add the credit to your card.

Note: When credit is added to a card (not ‘topped up’ online), it will stay on that card and not upload to your central online account. This is for fraud and security reasons. ONLY when the credit on the card runs out it will start using credit from the central online account (if there is credit available). If you want to “share” credit from your central online account to several cards then we suggest you top up online. It should also be noted that until you register your card online, credit will be taken at face value, not the discounted rate.

Watch a helper video here.

The maximum amount of credit that can be purchased for a Saver Card is £125.

Saver Cards can be topped up online with any amount between £5 and £125; however if you obtain a top up voucher at one of the fixed ticket machines then you will need to select one of the pre-determined amounts which are currently £10, £20 and £30.


If you want to find out how much credit is stored on your card you have two options:

  1. Ask a staff member on the floating bridge when they scan your card.
  2. Go online and look on the ‘My Account’ page of your online account

Note: Your ‘My Account’ page will show you three credit amounts:

  • Your total credit: The credit of your central online account plus any credit stored on physical cards linked to your account.
  • Online credit: Credit in your online account.
  • Card credit: Credit stored on your card/s.


If one of the cards registered to your account is lost or stolen you have three options.

First you need to go online and log into your ‘My Account‘ page, here you will see a list of cards registered to your account (here is an example).

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 07.58.30

Find the card that has been lost or stolen and select one of the following three options:

1: Disable (temporary)

If you select the ‘disable’ option the card will be disabled, but not deleted. Once disabled no one can use the card to travel, but if you find the card you can simply go back online and ‘enable’ it again.

Use this option if:  You think the card might turn up again one day.

2: Block (permanent) 

If you select the ‘block‘ option your card will be disabled permanently, and only customer services can enable the card again.

Use this option if:  You are confident the card will not be found again or it is damaged and not working.

3: Unlink (isolate)

This third option is not suitable for a lost or stolen card.

The two options above will stop the card being used, even if they have credit on the cards. This ‘unlink’ option allows the card to remain ‘active’ and use up any credit left on it, but by ‘unlinking’ the card can no longer draw credit from the central account.

Use this option if:  You want to transfer the card to another online account, including any credit stored on the card itself.

Note 1: To help you keep track of all your cards you can give each one a name by clicking the ‘edit’ option. For example you could name a card after the family or staff member that holds the card or, in future when the cards are valid on vehicles, you can give a card the name of the car or van it is located in.

Note 2: If the card that you have lost or had stolen has credit stored on it then we are afraid that we are not able to issue a refund. We encourage you to add credit to your online account – not individual cards – to avoid this happening.

If your card is faulty we will replace it for free. Just ask the crew next time you travel.

Once you have the replacement card you need to do two things:

  1. Go to your ‘My Account’ page and ‘Block’ the card that was faulty.
  2. Register the new card you have been given.
As many as you want.

Just try and keep a note of the serial numbers or card names so you know which card to cancel if one is lost or stolen.

To help you keep track of all your cards you can give each one a name.

Go to ‘My Account‘ and select the ‘edit’ option. You can then enter your chosen card name.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 07.58.30

For example you could name your card after the family or staff member that holds the card, or in future, when the cards are valid on vehicles, you can give it the name of the car or van it is located in.

If you have a card, either with or without credit on, that you want to transfer to another online account then you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log into your account and ‘unlink’ the card you want to transfer.
  2. Log into the account you want to transfer the card to and ‘register’ the card there.
If you have purchased credit from a fixed ticket machine on the slipway and added it to a card then the purchased credit will remain on the card.

We are afraid that it is not possible to transfer any card credit up to your online account. This is for security and fraud prevention reasons.

You only get the discounted travel rate (around 30%) while your card is registered/linked to an online account.

These online accounts are free to set up after you have purchased the card/s.

Sign in to website and go to ‘My Account,’ and then scroll down, you will see an itemised list of Saver Card transactions. You can then print these out as evidence of each journey for which you need to claim.
When attempting to top up online, it is possible to see a “card declined” error.

This can happen even though there may be sufficient funds, that the card works on other websites, or even if the card has been used to top-up in the past.

In such cases, the card issuer has usually chosen not to approve this particular transaction based on their own fraud protection / security policies.

Unfortunately, we have no control over whether cards are declined or not. And often, once a credit/debit card has been declined, issuer will continue to block it’s use.

In such cases, the only course of action (that will allow your card to be used on the Floating Bridge website) will be to get in touch with your card issuer and ask them to unblock/allow your top-up requests. It’s often helpful to have the date and time and amount that you attempted to top-up with.

Otherwise, you can try an alternative debit/credit card. Or, you can use the quayside ticket machines to purchase a top-up voucher – which can be presented with your card when you next travel to add the credit to your card/account.

This can occur to accounts with more than one card and where individual cards have been topped-up with a voucher from the quay side machines.

In these cases, the credit from the quay side machine is applied to the individual card and cannot be shared with other cards on the account.

That means cards with their own credit will have a different “available balance” to those that do not.

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Is it possible to transfer credit from a card to my online account?

If you are worried your account will run out of credit without you noticing, you can set up an email alert that notifies you when your account drops below a certain point.

Te set up your email alert follow these steps:

1) Log into your online account
2) Click the ‘EMAIL PREFERENCES’ link at the top of the page or click this link.
3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the ‘Notifications’ heading tick the box and enter the amount that you want to trigger the email. For example if you enter £10, you will receive an email alert each time your account credit drops below £10.
4) Click the update preferences button.

This is what you are looking for:

Saver Cards are available to purchase from the following locations: Halls Convenience Store, Ferry Road, East Cowes.
Saver Cards can now be used for foot passengers and all categories of vehicles eligible to use the floating bridge. As with foot passengers a two tier pricing system will be introduced for vehicles, and Saver Card holders will benefit from discounted rates.
If you travel on the floating bridge with any degree of regularity you can obtain a Saver Card which will entitle you to pay the lower ‘regular user’ rate as opposed to the casual ‘pay as you go’ rate; this applies to both foot passengers and vehicles. Whilst the Saver Card initially costs £2.00 to purchase you will recover this and quickly make savings.

Floating Bridge FAQs

The current maximum weight is 7.5 tons. No height limit.
No but please advise the floating bridge crew when boarding if carrying a load considered hazardous or dangerous.
Cyclists must dismount at the top of the slipway and walk onto the Floating Bridge.

Ticket & Price FAQs

You can see our prices here.
You can see our ticket options here.
There are no longer any concessions available – if you are still in possession of any red vouchers, you can still use them but they will no longer be available to purchase.
No sorry – only return tickets can be purchased

Whilst customers do not have to tender the exact fare it is helpful to the staff and will ensure that there are no unnecessary delays to the service.

No – but please do not lose your receipt as failure to produce this will result in the standard fee being payable.

Currently yes, although you will need to show it each time you travel.

No, these have been discontinued. Vehicle drivers can now purchase a Saver Card and this can be used to pay for each crossing.

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Yes we sometimes have to stop during very high or low tides, extreme weather conditions.

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