Floating Bridge User Group 

The first meeting of the Floating Bridge user group was held on the 24th of September in East Cowes. This provided invited members of the public* an opportunity to provide feedback to Isle of Wight Council staff on the performance of the Floating Bridge.

*Potential members of the user group were emailed if they were Saver Card holders to see if they were interested in joining the user group. A group of 6 members of the public was selected at random from those who had expressed an interest. The group has a Terms of Reference (TOR) and a standing agenda and will meet every 3 months in the first instance. The TOR will be reviewed on a regular basis. The minutes of the meeting will appear online.


Meeting Minutes 13/01/2020
Meeting Minutes 14/10/2019
Meeting Minutes 24/6/2019
Meeting Minutes 11/03/2019
Meeting Minutes 24/09/2018
Meeting Minutes 03/12/2018

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