Our New Floating Bridge

We have just launched our new floating bridge.

The old Floating Bridge was almost 40 years old, and so the replacement will make a big improvement to the service.

Five reasons the new Floating Bridge will be better for Cowes and the IOW

  • 1: Efficient

    The Floating Bridge runs on diesel and the new bridge is designed to be much more efficient, burning significantly less fuel.

  • 2: Larger

    It will carry more vehicles and bikes.

  • 3: Reliable

    The existing 40 year old Floating Bridge needs lots of expensive and time consuming maintenance. The new Floating Bridge will be much more reliable.

  • 4: Faster

    The new vessel will be able to do up to 5 knots. This means faster, more regular crossings.

  • 5: Customers

    With glass sides, better facilities and technology, crossing the river on the new Floating Bridge will be a more enjoyable experience for our thousands of passengers.

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